Bike Washing Machine : Wash Your Clothes While Riding The Stationary Bike

Bike Washing Machine, from the name of this project you would already know what it is. This project combines 2 activities into one. Riding a bike is a popular exercise, washing laundry is something that you might do on daily basis or at least once a weak (unless you keep buying new clothes and underwear), so why not combine them into a single useful equipment/appliance?

Bike Washing Machine combines a stationary bicycle and washing machine, you can exercise while at the same time simultaneously washing your clothes. When you ride this bike, the pedaling motion causes the drum of the washing machine to rotate, at the same time, the superfluous electricity is generated which can be used to power the display screen or stored for future use.

Designers : Xuefei Liu, Di Fang, Linhao Su, Zhanbing Li, Xiaoyu Gao Xueyi Wang, Wen Fan, Liying Zhu, Deqian Zhao, Huan Li, Mengmeng Hu and Weiwei Li of Dalian Nationalities University

Bike Washing Machine

Bike Washing Machine

Bike Washing Machine

Bike Washing Machine

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Selim Gencoglu says: May 9, 2014

How does the machine clean your clothes? Where is the water intake?

nanditha says: February 3, 2015

where can i get it ..?

Tommy McAwsome says: March 26, 2015

how much is it

Taby Stec says: April 27, 2015

THAT IS MY QUESTION TOO! Why show it if no one can buy it?!

    Tuvie says: April 28, 2015

    Because it's only concept.

Una says: May 2, 2015

Great concept. Perfect for apartment dwellers who aren’t allowed machines…exercise, do laundry & watch your favorite shows simultaneously! But…how does loading and draining of water work? Where does the detergent go? Will these be built to last? (No one wants a product with frequent maintenance issues). What will maintenance entail to keep things running smoothly? Is it possible to design a unit with higher load capacity? What are the potential hinderances? How far is this from concept to product and what will the price point be?

Ben Trucky says: May 13, 2015

A five gallon bucket and my arms are all I need..

Bike Dad says: June 17, 2015

Well I admit this new bike washing machine is very unique design machine I’ve ever seen! I truly like the concept. How much effort need to put to wash clothes in such machine? Any ideas!

LIS says: February 15, 2016

When will it be available?

EDR says: February 22, 2016

Why would you call this "Bike Washing Machine" (snore…) instead of the "Spin-Cycle"?

H&P says: March 1, 2016

I would love to see a hand operated version of this concept for people who are unable to use their legs.

Gigi says: March 1, 2016

If this will be produced I will be the first one to purchase!

SDL says: March 1, 2016


King says: March 7, 2016

This is a good concept.

Peter says: March 20, 2016

I see several problems with the concept, some of them have already been put here.
– water (loading, draining)
– washing in washing machine requires specific drum rotation (speed, change of rotation direction, …) Did you think about it?
– working capacity (i.e. how much clothes you can wash at once) vs. bike size
Yes, the concept is interesting and it could really help lazy people like me to exercise more, so I want to stay informed :-)

akram khalil says: March 22, 2016

where can i get it ?
and how much is it?

Nonya says: July 20, 2016

So… What happens to the missing socks?

Paul Coffey says: November 6, 2016

Someone should kick start this idea? I feel like it could really take off. I was even thinking about starting a petition to see how many signatures it would get so the makers know how much interest and where. I could do all my laundry in this.

    Sara says: December 19, 2016

    That is a great idea! I would contribute to a kickstarter campaign for this.

Echo says: May 29, 2017

I want one! Where can I buy this awesome bike?

jcarroll788 says: April 14, 2016

roknelbeet, check out the Drumi at — they are tooling up for production now and expect to start shipping in Sept. It is a small washer powered by pushing a pedal up and down with your foot. Only drawback is that it costs about $240.

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