We Present to You Scrubba Wash Bag Giveaway!

Tuvie has teamed up with Scrubba Wash Bag Team to bring you this giveaway contest. If you are an avid traveler and curious about Scrubba Wash Bag; it’s your chance to win one my friend.

All you need to do is follow these easy requirements to qualify for the contest:

  1. Tell us the most exotic places you’ve traveled in the comment below.
  2. Like our Facebook Page and this post
  3. Promise to share your Scrubba Wash Bag experience with us.

Scrubba Wash Bag has been awarded Australia’s top innovation in 2012, it’s a nice washing tool that you can carry anywhere. As long as you have access to clean water, having clean clothes shouldn’t be a problem either.

Anyway, 2 winners will be selected randomly. The competition will last for the next 3 days and will be announced this Friday. Good luck!

Update : Congratulations to Tania Wilkinson and Patrik1969, each of you has won Scrubba Wash Bag, please get back to us with your detail mailing address.

2 Scrubba Wash Bags Giveaway!

2 Scrubba Wash Bags Giveaway!

2 Scrubba Wash Bags Giveaway!

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15 thoughts on “We Present to You Scrubba Wash Bag Giveaway!

  1. I have been living on an island called Likome inside one of the largest sweetwater lakes in Africa.
    This is actually the lake where most of our little aquarium fishes come from.

    On Likoma there still is no electricity and devices like the Scrubba are just the thing to bring along …

    And I am heading back there soon … wouldn't it be nice to bring this fancy gadget in order to save
    water and the litlle electricity there is ???

  2. The most exotic place I've ever visited is Bali, but if I had this wash bag, i might try to travel to more exotic places. I've liked the facebook and I certainly will share my experience with you guys.

  3. 1. Mexico by far is the most exotic place I've been to.
    2. I'm a fan of your site, so yeah, I've done this step
    3. Certainly.

    I hope i win Scrubba wash bag from Tuvie!!!!!!!!

  4. I've been in India twice this year, and really love it. I really wish you could send me one of these wash bags so that I can travel lighter.

  5. Damn, am I too late? I'm a true backpacker, the most exotic place is Kathmandu. I don't have facebook but I have Twitter, so I have retweeted this contest to my followers.

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