Tuvie Giveaway : Win A Futuristic Tokyoflash Watch!

Tuvie has teamed up with Tokyoflash to bring you a giveaway for early Christmas present. Just in case you didn’t know, Tokyoflash is a groundbreaking Japan based watch manufacturer, if you are an avid reader of Tuvie, you’ll notice we have featured their futuristic watches here. Here’s your chance to win a cool watch from Tokyoflash, a winner will be selected randomly, so you better start choosing the winning watch.

What you need to do to enter the contest? Simply tell us which Tokyoflash watch that you want and why using the comment box below. The winner will get the chance of selecting a watch which will be delivered directly on the designated address. The competition will last for the next three days and the winner will be announced this Friday.

PS: By the way, if you wanted to just purchase the watch right away, currently they are offering up to 15% off, this is a saving of $12 (€9.40, £7.50). You can use the following coupon code in the checkout to get the money off: BLACK. This offer will run from 22nd November at 7pm to 24th November at 7pm Japan time. CLICK HERE to start ordering your futuristic watch.

UPDATE : We have randomly selected (using random.org) the list and the winner is Artaffactory. Congratulations, please contact us to get further instruction on how to claim your Tokyoflash watch.

Tuvie Tokyoflash Giveaway 2012

Tuvie Tokyoflash Giveaway 2012

Tuvie Tokyoflash Giveaway 2012

Tuvie Tokyoflash Giveaway 2012

Tuvie Tokyoflash Giveaway 2012

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21 thoughts on “Tuvie Giveaway : Win A Futuristic Tokyoflash Watch!

  1. Hi, I'm guessing you enter the competition by posting a comment? 🙂

    I love Tokyoflash watches and have always been intrigued by them since I read your initial post featuring them.

    There are a number of watches I would like from the site however the one that really catches my eye is actually:

    the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch (http://www.tokyoflash.com/en/watches/kisai/rogue_touch_pocket_watch/).

    Ever since inheriting my grandfather's pocket watch and having it stolen in a house robbery, I've been looking to get a pocket watch of my own. This pocket watch from Tokyoflash would be the perfect blend of the old style of pocket watch and new cutting edge touch screen technology with an innovate time display. It would be a talking piece whenever it was pulled out.

  2. From pics Id choose Watch #2 from photos, nicer looking, radical & awesome to use
    Make a unique conversation piece alone
    & maybe 007 should use one for code to MI6. be radical
    Or for Iron Man 4 movie.

  3. I would love to win any watch! They are all really cool, eye catching and certainly an attention grabber.

  4. Being a geek with all types of gadgets at my disposal, this is the only piece of futuristic technology presently available that I don't have. I really would love to have the first watch pictured here. Simply in love with its design!

  5. Watch on photo # 1 I like well.
    I love square box is giving it a robust look.
    I think the square leaves a nice surface for the screen.
    I also like the contrast of colors and materials … black and gray, plastic and metal.
    It is both technological and modern but not too flashy … it has a homogeneous design that suits me well.

  6. I would like to have the watch shown in the pic #4.

    This watch really looks encrypted and secretive.. and also reveals the time in plain text when required..!!

    So its a true futuristic time piece for me..!!

  7. Kisai Zone!!! is my choice. always in my KIV list for my next watch.
    soft but sporty design with not-so-outdated look and important is it goes well with any outfit, any event, any time for me. the strap was made of stainless steel, a better material than rubber or leather. plus, i love honeycombs; therefore the unique hexagons caught my attention. love it!

  8. Of all the pics, i would love to have the 3rd watch. The design is sleek, unique and screams modern. It sets it apart from the rest of pics, in terms of design and look. It is definitely a piece that i look forward to wearing everyday and mainly because it is outstanding and bold in its own right and super attractive.

  9. The second watch is just awesome.Its so simple and the display is super nice.Definitely,that will be my choice above the other cool ones shown.

  10. Hello Tuvie,

    I Really really would like to win the Kisai On Air Silver LED Watch from Tokyoflash ….JUST BECAUSE IT`S SO BEAUTIFUL! …and i haven´t got a proper watch right now…and because i often write about tuvie designs on my blog 🙂 and because TOKYOFLASH has the BEST watches in the whole universe!

    thank you 🙂

  11. Hi all, I'm really passionate about mechanical watches, but I recognize that Tokyoflash watches are masterpieces of contemporary digital watchmaking that join the latest technology with design and ultimate creativity.
    I have no favorite model because I like them all, but if I have to choose one, this will be http://www.tokyoflash.com/es/watches/kisai/logo
    black version.
    Thanks Tuvie and Tokyo for making us dream about the possibility of winning a gift like this, that certainly anticipate a Merry Christmas

  12. I love the Kisai Rogue Touch LED Watch because it is one of the best looking watches I have ever seen and it's interface is very interesting. The touch settings are also designed so that one does not accidentally change some unwanted setting and it is very simplistic.

  13. I'd love to pop the Stockholm streets wearing the sleak BLACK On Air Tokyo Flash. It's a gem and will suit my style, taste and wrist like a sports glove. That's a weird saying from around here, but it means the watch will be oh so nice.

  14. Tuvie Kisai Logo LCD watch. Cause damn you guys did a brilliant work on this design. It is so amazing in design, futuristiscs. I travel the world for a living, if i'd win this watch, I'd promote this one all over the world. You'd be amazed how many people I meet that are busy with arts, design and clothing. If i'd win, this would be a brilliant way to promote your brand and get it out in the world. I support all your watches, i've been intriged with Japan for many years now, but I just can't get there, cause my work is sending me to other places! But one day I'll get there!

    It starts with people that tell about your brand, afterwards you have a way to promote the brand. but people who tell other people that this is an amazing brand, will get you promoted in the world in a way unseen. So get me this watch, and this is what i'll do for you!

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