Tuvie Giveaway : Gorgeous ZIIIRO Saturn Silver Watch for You!

Hello guys, we have worked together with ZIIIRO to bring you this giveaway contest. Just in case you’ve never heard about ZIIIRO, you can read some of our post here: Aurora and Orbit, Proton and ION, Mercury. You can also read our hands-on review on one of their cool watches: ZIIIRO Celeste watch.

To enter the contest, the requirements are pretty much simple:

  1. Tell us what you love about ZIIIRO watch design in the comment below this post
  2. Like both Tuvie Facebook and ZIIIRO Facebook (if you already like both of our Facebook page, like this giveaway post) or you can follow Tuvie and ZIIIRO Twitter.
  3. Like/Re-tweet our giveaway post on Facebook/Twitter.

The deadline for contest entries is Friday, August 15th at 12pm ET. We’ll pick 3 winners where they can get a free ZIIIRO Saturn Silver watch and notify them using direct message via Facebook or Twitter, so, yeah, you need to follow our Twitter or Like our Facebook to be eligible.

PS: Congratulations to Matt Sully, Chitresh, and MehulDesign for winning this contest! Please get back to us for details.

ZIIIRO Saturn Silver Watch

ZIIIRO Saturn Silver Watch

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33 thoughts on “Tuvie Giveaway : Gorgeous ZIIIRO Saturn Silver Watch for You!

  1. Ziiro designs are from those utopian futures where everyone shares the same half smile and wears the same silver tracksuit, but secretly wants to express a wild side. You can see it there. It’s behind the sleek foundation, a boiling urge to graffiti a wall or shout over the silence. They are bottled lightning.

  2. It’s an amazing concoction of elegance & excellence. It goes without saying that anybody would like to wear a gadget with utmost future relevance.

  3. I'm always looking for everything that is out of the ordinary. I've admired ZIIIRO for a long time because they keep pushing the design boudaries in order to create beautiful unique products. Of course I would love to own a ZIIIRO Saturn, it would be priceless for me.

  4. Classic look with modern, unique design! can be used for any occasion, night or day.
    Really everything what you can want from hand watch!

  5. ZIIIRO watches are great, they are so slick, cutting edge design and apt for the modern times. It shows the times– coming of age of minimalist design and functionality. Being a designer and minimalist I love the beautiful and simple designs.

  6. The ZIIIRO Watch is stunning in design with an out of box concept.
    It is easier to read time on it. The ZIIIRO watch is an ornamental
    gadget, a great status symbol which heightens the status of its owner.
    I love ZIIIRO from the bottom of my heart .

  7. I love when ZIIIRO uses gradient colors to tell the time, even though this watch doesn't use gradient color, it still looks as good as any of gradient model.

  8. Try to find the best thing about this watch, apparently, everything is great, the silver color, mesh strap, digital time. Perfecto!

  9. The cutting edge design makes this watch stands out in the crowd, it's futuristic yet still connect with our current lifestyle

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