Win A TokyoFlash Futuristic Watch of Your Choice!

Tuvie in association with Tokyoflash, a groundbreaking Japan based watch manufacturer, has arranged a competition where everyone will get the chance to win a fantastic watch from TokyoFlash. As a token of our profound gratuity for the utmost loyalty of our valuable readers, this initiative could really be another milestone of our bond of over years in web. A winner will be able to select one from the wide range of futuristic watches available in the TokyoFlash store. We hope, this early Christmas present not only will give the winner a sophisticated position among his/her friends and family with unique style, also will create a feel of being together among all other readers of our site.

The requirements are simple :

The best commenter will be announced as the winner and will get the chance of selecting a watch which will be delivered directly on the designated address. The competition will last for the next three days and the winner will be declared on Monday of the subsequent week.

When commenting, place the same name that you are using to follow Tuvie as well as Tokyoflash on Twitter so that we can easily identify you. Tuvie and TokyoFlash reserve the complete authority to select a comment as the best. So, be creative!

UPDATE : The winner of this competition is Mei. Please get back to us with your complete address and your pick of TokyoFlash watch.

TokyoFlash Giveaway Round Trip Watch

TokyoFlash Giveaway Escape C Watch

TokyoFlash Giveaway Neon Grave Watch

TokyoFlash Giveaway Galaxy Watch

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27 thoughts on “Win A TokyoFlash Futuristic Watch of Your Choice!

  1. i heard of tokyoflash from tuvie earlier& i googled it, from that moment i simply cant stop myself dreaming of having one at my wrist!! These watches are uniquely awsome

  2. people sometimes arent wearing watching because they refer to cellphones. these attractive watches are worthy of attention because of their design. functional and stylish it makes watches something worth investing in again.

  3. These products are superb and i like the most is one of my favorable watch and it is the Escape c the bluetooth device its has excellent features ,design is good and overall each and every thing is perfect and superb.

  4. it is prety handy, I guess if u would incoperate some design software or any microsoft on your next it would be more good. keep up the good job!

  5. I saw a tokyoflash watch for the first time during my first year in uni- 4 years ago now. Thats the great thing about them, I think everyone who really admires these always remember the first time they see one. I've always wanted a watch that would stand out from the crowd.
    I admire tokyoflash for puting so much thought into the watches, and giving each one its own character. Hope they keep it up!

  6. Make it valid for facebook users as well as some of us dont have twitter account and left menny messages in FB
    We are "valuable readers " in facebook , me and some others left messages in facebook
    make it happend as facebook is the 2nd biggest comunity after china ehhhh VIVA ! facebook………………… (and they dont give me commission )
    I just LOVE the designes in all of them hopping the UNIVERSE will make it happend to be a winner !
    Thnx thnx thnx ….

  7. I think Tokyoflash & Tuvie can afford to give away one watch in twitter and 1 watch for facebook as the contest was anounced in facebook as well
    GOOD LUCK pascal

  8. Thank you for making this available to all comments. I love tokyoflash, first time I saw them was last year, all those watches look really cool.

  9. Hm…why not choose the winner randomly? Well, since I can't make great comment, I can only say that Tokyoflash indeed has a great collection of watch. Perfect for cool young people and geeks. I hope i'd win a watch.

  10. This is a nice campaign guys, i'm not really into tokyoflash, but hopefully Tuvie will come with giveaways more often. I look forward to seeing cool gadget here.

  11. unique ideas & it's really awesome ^^ i really love it
    when anybody need to have something like that i think he should be a codebreaker to lean how can he know the time LOL , i love to have something not like the other people thing i love to have the unique thing & this is unique so i love to have it ^^
    & gd luck & i love to see more unique ideas
    with my best regards ^^

  12. ..desaign of Tokyo Flash is really actractive, unique and i think great ideas designed wacth like that..i'd love to have one of them especially "Round Trip"..amazing!!.nsowhat

  13. Hello Tuvie : i woke up excited to see the results of who won the Tokyoflash watch , and i saw that MAI won , my question is : i dont see MAI enter on the contest here on FACEBOOK . i dont think is fare that you anouced a contest here on FACEBOOK , and dont give any price here on FACEBOOK…
    so i see MAI is the winner f…rom Twitter …
    …………..and whos the winner here on FACEBOOK?

  14. Hi David, everyone who made the comment was entitled to join the competition not only from facebook/twitter. Our picked was based on the best comment. Hopefully we can host another giveaway, and you can try your luck again.

  15. The Escape C is one of my favorite really all y'all watches are the best and there sold at a great price and that's amazing because as awesome as these watches are there very affordable .I love these wAtchs I wish I could have one of each and when you wear one in public there a eye catcher and people are just at a awe.I love to wear one f these watches at a club are bar how the colors in the watch look when it's dark and your dancing everyone is looking and it's a woman catcher too lol

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