VAM Alarm Bracelet – Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock

Having trouble waking up? or being woken up by other early birds in the house? VAM, a bracelet Vibrating Alarm System has been specially designed for those who want to wake up without disturbing others. The vibrating tech inside the bracelet provides a silent way that only wakes up the person who is wearing it. VAM has 24 LED embedded in the bracelet which indicate the 24 hours in a day. With a built-in Bluetooth function, it is easy to set up the alarm via your smartphone app. Once you set up the alarm, the corresponding LED would light up to show the time of your alarm.

Designer : Yi-Hong Chou

VAM Alarm Bracelet by Yi-Hong Chou

VAM Alarm Bracelet by Yi-Hong Chou

VAM Alarm Bracelet by Yi-Hong Chou

VAM Alarm Bracelet by Yi-Hong Chou

VAM Alarm Bracelet by Yi-Hong Chou

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23 thoughts on “VAM Alarm Bracelet – Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock

  1. Hi
    I have a child with hearing loss so he can’t hear an alarm clock. We have tried vibrating accessories but he moves around to much in his sleep they don’t work. I would love to try one of these. Where can I purchase one?

  2. seems great, but do it without the led-lights, people often sleep with their hands near their face, I don't want any, any light near my eyes when I sleep. It's really counter the point this product is trying the tackle.

  3. I have narcolepsy and I have to take a medicine twice a night to sleep well. I live in a dorm room so I have been looking for an alarm like this one so I don't disturb my roommate every night. I hope this goes into production sometime soon! It's a really great idea!

  4. ¿What company is in charle of this product? I have an idea of a product and I think you can help us! How can I contact with you?

  5. I have a fitbit flex which I initially bought as a tracker but now wear just for the alarm feature. You can set multiple alarms for different days which is great but it doesn't tell you when it needs charging and it looks quite rubbish. The Flex has LED's flashing randomly and it doesn't disturb sleep as they are not bright enough so I really like the idea of it having a "needs charging" indicator.
    Love this design – but you might need to make the clasp a little more secure – this needs to be sold in the UK!

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