Audi Daysailer by Mark Klug

Audi Daysailer concept is the first step of Audi beyond their usual car range, crafted by an Austrian Applied Science Student, Mark Klug. The main goal of designing this product was to create a powerful yacht that contains vibrant features as well as excellent and attractive look that can allure anyone. With this brilliant project, the designer has created a clean and simply readable, but still sporty and expensive image for Audi Daysailer, even as filling the form of the German automakers philosophy of yacht making. This 15 meters long and 21 meters high yacht will surely be a plus in the automotive design world.

audi daysailer yacht

audi daysailer yacht

audi daysailer yacht

audi daysailer yacht

audi daysailer yacht

audi daysailer yacht

Designer : Mark Klug

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One thought on “Audi Daysailer by Mark Klug

  1. Hope Audi does estd a Marine Eng Div or Marine Products Div for Motor & Sail Boats or Combo with Audi engines?

    Or interior shapes.

    Way 2 cool.

    Imagine buy an Audi & timesahre, co own a Yacht too in mix.

    Very Cool

    Good show Audi IF you diversify.

    (vs GM & Ford USA).

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