Peugeot+ Three Wheels Car Concept

With constant increase in the private cars and depleting fossil fuels, it is but obvious that the space on the road is reducing pretty fast. The designers are looking for solutions that work on alternate fuel while occupying lesser space. Designer David Vargas has designed a three wheel design for Peugeot Design, what he calls Peugeot. It’s a two-seater vehicle using smaller electric engine as compared to most cars of similar sizes, and the third wheel is added for better stability. The car is perfect for crowded parking lots and is easy to maneuver and the design has surely hit bull’s eye.

peugeot plus three wheels green vehicle

peugeot plus three wheels green vehicle

peugeot plus three wheels green vehicle

Designer : David Vargas via IGreenSpot

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4 thoughts on “Peugeot+ Three Wheels Car Concept

  1. I long for a day when I can see these cars driven everywhere by most people, they just make WAY more sense than all the cars out there, and I bet they would be comfortable as well (and think about how much easier it would be to change a flat tire on one of those!)

    I think these kind of cars will have a HUGE market with the new generation, start making them already !!! 😀

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