Conceptual Playstation 4 with Glass Touchscreen Panel

The Playstation 4 concept was inspired by the massive popularity of its previous versions, while featuring much more functionalities than any other versions of playstation users have encountered. The first notable feature is the cool, transparent appearance of both the joysticks and the main unit. The transparent area of both elements comprises touch buttons for operating the device and the glossy black round compartment is to place the discs of your choice. Playstation 4 will give the gamer a unique cable-free gaming experience with its Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. Moreover, the transparent display of the main unit can show thumbnails of different part of a disc and allow the user to select a part by simply touching the respective thumbnail.

playstation4 concept with glass touchscreen panel

playstation4 concept with glass touchscreen panel

playstation4 concept with glass touchscreen panel

playstation4 concept with glass touchscreen panel

Designer : Tai Chiem

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44 thoughts on “Conceptual Playstation 4 with Glass Touchscreen Panel

  1. I may just be nitpicking but there's no way for any power to well any thing. Also IMO I see touch screens as a flash in the pan, kinda like Zubaz or beta max.

    • @punkrockdave: I have to disagree with you there. I see touch screens kinda like LCD screens. They will only be surpassed by better things but even then they will still be used every day for long after that. e.g.

      LCD -> OLED

      Touch screen -> Holographic sreen

      I personally love this design and it's minimalistic and clean design is great compared to the rather bulky PS3 and more appealing than the PS3 slim. The only problem for Sony is that they could not make a 'slim' version of this. lol

  2. @Liam Quinn…now now Liam don't doubt the abilities of a corporation as big as sony…if they want a slim they shall have their slim!!! haha…;D

  3. i think its great how do u not get confused with remote controls maybe u should make a code for each one and the system should be portable and that it would go in a little case and that it make it easier

  4. he he he i love this thing its awsome that im a tester and im also 11 so its like a dream come true since i have it and trust me its worth paying $1000 for!

  5. i like it!!!

    the touchscreen resembles a little bit on my mobile. (the LG crystal)

    btw the xbox 720 is a very good looking game console to.

    srry for my bad english

  6. i lik the touchscreen controller. i will never let anyone play it if i get 1, becuz they mite brek the controller and i will hav 2 make them suffer 4 thu rst of ther livz

  7. This doesnt exist people! we don't have the technology at the moment to have the pure glass touchscreen and display without anything behind it.
    This is just a design an artist came up with with technologies we are working on in mind.

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