Shelter Cart Design for Junk Collectors

Shelter cart design that can be said to be a nice solution for homeless is designed by Gregor Timlin and Barry Shehan. The shelter cart as it has been named is a mobile living unit which can be used as junk collection cart during the day and during night it can act as a place of shelter. It is light weight and the wheels help in moving the same around while it is used as cart, however the height of the roof can be adjusted accordingly. This social awareness campaign is a nice way of bringing to notice the plight of homeless. Way to go guys ! The homeless will be very eager to have this shelter cart.

shelter cart for junk collectors

shelter cart for junk collectors

shelter cart for junk collectors

shelter cart for junk collectors

Designer : Barry Sheehan and Gregor Timlin via DesignBoom

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9 thoughts on “Shelter Cart Design for Junk Collectors

  1. It’d be cool if homeless people could ever afford this. They never will though, and instead get high off of drugs

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  2. M8 . this is the most bizzare idea i ever seen . i dont know if you ever talk whit a "homless" . they sell every thing they have .. like plastic and metal . but the bizzare part its not that.. i dont know if you are trying to help them sleep .. or if you are trying to not see people sleeping in the street . but if you see a pod "orange" or "yellow" its like mark them ..( see those "yelow"pods . its a human been who dosnt have food inside"" )its lol . sorry . but its inocent idea.. .. i support your idea to help . but you are facing the wrong way . ( sorry for my english)

  3. so they push an empty container around… or should I ask what happens to the junk. Do they just tip it out and pick it all up in the morning?

  4. so people are expected to sleep in the place where they stick their junk… doesn't seem sanitary or pleasant to me..

  5. Homeless person here. It's a good design, but I think it should be grey, so it doesn't stand out. Also, you might put in the description that it's intended to haul around cans, bottles, etc, IN STURDY GARBAGE BAGS, otherwise yes it would get quit gross in there.

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