UNU Cat Dreams – Modern Customizable Cat Tree

There are many cat trees on the market which are made of glued-together composite materials. Most of these brands don’t take product maintenance or afterlife into consideration. It’s possible that cat’s excitement for new toys fade, even quicker when you do frequent replacement of old toys with new ones. To change this perception, UNU Cat Dreams Cat Tree has been designed with modular system, it includes universal joineries and interchangeable accessories. This design extends the lifespan of this cat furniture.

UNU Cat Dreams - Cool Cat Tree

UNU Cat Dreams wants to set a distinctive pet furniture which caters to both pets and owners. The flexibility due to its modular structures allows for personalized configurations, it makes a nice playground for your feline friends while improving your space for human enjoyment. This cat tree system is simple to assemble, upgrade, and repair, it is made from recyclable material. Its modularity reduces frequent replacement and cleaning which are often associated with inferior products in today’s market.

Designed by George Zixuan Weng, Yanhui Ban, and Quanyi Wang of UWU Studios, UNU Cat Dreams Cat Tower promises cat to owner experiences. There are consumable parts such as carpets, scratching boards, and cushions, all of these elements are easy to maintain, offering convenience for cat owners while providing a healthier living environment for their feline friends. This cat tower is flat packed to minimize packaging materials and shipping footprint.

UNU Cat Dreams - Cool Cat Tree

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