Wove Band : World’s First Flexible Display Product

Polyera, a company founded ten years ago has finally unveiled their ground breaking innovation: Wove Band. With a vision to break the limitations that traditional electronic materials and components imposed on product design, this company introduces you to flexible displays. This is world’s fist flexible display product made possible by Polyera Digital Fabric Technology, it’s a futuristic wearable device with an active-matrix display that literally change shapes in your hand, we’ve been dreaming about this, but was never previously possible, until now. This is the result of more than 100 Polyera scientist, engineers, and designers, they have closely worked together to bring you a dream device to reality.

The best part is yet to come, Wove Band innovation is just the beginning of an exciting new journey. We can explore devices and experiences that will no longer limited by hard, lifeless, and cold material, it is now possible to design soft and organic forms where these devices would play more natural role and more human to us.

Designer : Polyera

Wove Band : World’s First Flexible Display Product by Polyera

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