iPod Slide Design by Tryi Yeh

The iPod slide concept has been derived by combining the functionality of Apple’s iPod Touch and the latest sliding technology, which is quite rare with Apple’s innovative products. The iPod slide is designed with a slim and sleek silver colored body which will make it really an attractive piece and exceptional from other available media devices. The most amazing feature of this device is it can be controlled by thermal sensors, which would be the first time ever in an Apple product.

ipod slide

ipod slide

ipod slide

ipod slide

ipod slide

ipod slide

Designer : Tryi Yeh

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8 thoughts on “iPod Slide Design by Tryi Yeh

  1. I’d never use an iPod that I had to slide open every time I wanted to use it. That’s too inconvenient. That’s why no Apple iPod (or any other media player) has ever required it to be opened and closed, either by sliding or a hinged cover.

    An alternate approach would be to make the click-wheel a virtual one, on an LCD covering the face of the unit. When someone touch operates the click-wheel it works normally. But if the user presses and holds any where on the face of the unit the menu-driven interface appears. When a selection is made it plays. The user can revert to the lick-wheel interface again by press and holding for 2 seconds.

  2. I'm not sure what you are getting at Harvey. I think this iPod slide is a great idea. It surely is as convenient as any Shuffle, Video or Nano as the click wheel is present on the face.

    @ Harvey: Your idea would be more inconvenient e.g having to wait 2 seconds to change to a different song in a different album when, with the sliding mechanism, one just has to slide it open to use it.

    I very much like this idea but, even though it is trivial, I would rather it ran an iPhone OS variant, along with the screen being touch-sensitive, rather than a Nano/Video OS. I would like it if it were about as wide as a video as the screen wouldnt be measly and pointless.

  3. i agree with liam the face needs to be the same size as everything else its very akward without it but otherwise its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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