Canvas Focus Light Features a Flexible Armature for A Multitude of Angles

Canvas Focus Light is the product of a highly successful startup. The company has enjoyed double-digit growth since the founding in 2020, thanks their iconic product Canvas Light. As the business grows, they have thought of broaden the product line beyond just one light and some accessories in order to expand and build a solid business on the market.

Stuart Jones, the founder of Canvas, has teamed up with James Owen to design new products for the company. This evolution would include a new product in lighting category, upgrading general design with personal touch.

Canvas Focus Light by James Owen

James Owen explains that Focus Light fits nicely into Canvas’ line up, it’s an elegant product that promises studio-quality lighting in a small form factor. Designed with a flexible armature for a multitude of angles, there are three light level settings, three light temperature settings, a slot for slides with cool background effects called a “Gobo”. The overall Canvas Focus Light design blends in harmony with contemporary décor, it transforms into a beautiful decoration when the light is not in use.

Canvas Focus Light by James Owen

Canvas Focus Light by James Owen

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