The Chameleon Truck Concept for Cargo Transport

Designed by Haishan Deng, The Chameleon is an innovative concept truck that has segmented body which enable the truck to adjust its size to fit the container. The resilient soft tarpaulin shelled body is strong enough to protect its cargo but also absorbs impacts in case of accidents. As an added benefit fuel savings abound since the truck�s weight is slashed in half.

chameleon truck

chameleon truck concept

chameleon truck

chameleon truck

Desinger : Haishan Deng

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One thought on “The Chameleon Truck Concept for Cargo Transport

  1. This is why one should be a truck driver.

    This & Luigi Colanis designs.

    Nice. Add hybrid engines & multifuel, Bingo

    Hello Teamsters THE FUTURE IS IN THIS TRUCK.

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