Stylish and Eco Friendly Pangolin Backpack from Cyclus

The innovative and handy Pangolin Backpack, getting inspired by the nature, has been designed like the Pangolin, a bristly anteater creature with razor sharp scales and claws. The material that has been used to make this backpack is simple and easy to get old truck tires. Just like the creature, the backpack has multi-layered construction that step by step folds and unfolds during operation. This construction allows more storage comparing its outer appearance which has made it a good gadget especially for mountain trackers.

cyclus pangolin backpack

cyclus pangolin backpack

cyclus pangolin backpack

Designer : Cyclus

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29 thoughts on “Stylish and Eco Friendly Pangolin Backpack from Cyclus

  1. Looks cool. Reminds me of an armadillo. But it looks dangerous. Do you think schools will allow them around because of their potential of being a weapon?

  2. Perfect design keep going , trust yourself , be confedent you are able to innovate more serene and wise stuffs

  3. I watched a review on this bag and it does not fit a standard size folder. If you made another bigger size version of this bag that can hold a standard size folder, notebook and maybe even a school bag I would consider buying it.

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