KAARI Analogue Watch by Löytö Esineiden

KAARI is the latest creation of watch designer, Löytö Esineiden that features half face display with 24h analogue mechanism. The face of the watch features 2 arc shaped die cuts where you can read the hours and minutes. The small arc indicates the hour, it rotates 360-degree in 24 hours. The hour is actually shown by a disc in its full shape but divided in 2 equal segments with different colors (black and white) to indicate AM/PM.

The minutes are indicated by the upper arc, there’s a minute hand that moves to indicate 0-30 minutes interval. This design might remind you of Koko Muo watch, the difference lies in the material and mechanism which is more optimize but with less production cost. This watch design has won a Silver A’Design Awards 2014 in a Jewerly, Eyewear and Watch design category.

Strap: Silicone rubber
Case: Black stainless steel

Case: 38-40 mm

Designer : Azahara Morales a.k.a Löytö Esineiden

KAARI Analogue Watch by Loyto Esineiden

KAARI Analogue Watch by Loyto Esineiden

KAARI Analogue Watch by Loyto Esineiden

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