Small and Affordable Emergency Helicopter Design

Emergency Helicopter is an urban means for transportation concept that is specially designed to arrive quickly and perform as a rescuer from an accident spot. The compact helicopter can make room for two doctor crews, and a space to keep the wounded where the doctors can give them immediate medical attention. The injured person can board on the helicopter from the front side and remains equipped with a camera and built-in bad landing system. Both the tail rotor and main blade is designed in a more secured way for surrounding people. This copter would be very helpful for disaster situations.

emergency helicopter

emergency helicopter

emergency helicopter

emergency helicopter

emergency helicopter

Designer : Matthieu Tarrit and Jean-Charles Rodinger

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4 thoughts on “Small and Affordable Emergency Helicopter Design

  1. Id have tailrotor become a NOTAR- pure jet duct out rear for steering.

    Otherwise fine shape.

    but should have space for 4,5 patients in ext pods- see Bell 47 from MASH TV show

  2. I should think that a multi-rotor system (6 blade perhaps) would reduce required landing swept area.

    Also multi-rotors tend to be quieter to operate in the confines of a city.

  3. This is apsutuly incredible, and the best small helicopter ever disiged, i love this,all my life i have been searching for where and who will help me improve my God given talent on technology i am a Nigerian i will apreciate if you help me please thanks phone no 08100825492

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