Farrer Road in Singapore by Zaha Hadid Architects

The new building concept designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in Farrer Road in Singapore would be an architectural wonder if one looks at the designs. The overall design wishes to communicate the florid vegetation in the Singapore’s climate. The overall project is organized into 7 towers growing from sunken private gardens in the landscape to the sky above. The lower floor highlight the point of buildings meeting the ground, yet providing private space for gardens and vegetation which is unique given the kind of construction involved. The overall look and feel of the tower is like petals blossoming and it sure will not just be an architectural marvel but a revolutionary one too.

farrer court by zaha hadid

farrer court by zaha hadid

farrer court by zaha hadid

Here is some info from Zaha Hadid Architects:

Site Analysis

The Farrer Court site is located in a strategic position within the residential area of Singapore, close to the amenities of Holland Road and the future MRT station. The absence of high rise buildings in the near surroundings and direct connection to the main traffic route of Farrer Road make this a prestigious and highly visible site across the whole city.

Site Proposal

ZHA’s Proposal for the Farrer Court site is generated by the study of the existing alignments and the main axis surrounding the site, which are brought in and connected to generate a series of construction lines highly connected to the neighbourhood. The ground landscape level is visualized as a very green layer, which wants to emphasize the presence of florid vegetation in the Singapore’s climate.

The site levels are re-organized into a series of terraced plateaus to maximise the area dedicated to communal site amenities. The orientation and placement of the buildings is optimized in relation to the local environment as well as to maximize views out towards the surrounding city and landscape.

Building Proposal

The program is organized into 7 towers, which grow from sunken private gardens within the site landscape. The lower floors kink in to highlight the point where buildings meet the ground, enabling yet a greater open area and the creation of highly private gardens which are quite unique given the scale and density of the development. The towers are subdivided into petals according to the number of residential units per floor, with a common principle a series of diverse and unique towers can be generated.

The petals are expressed in three dimensions thanks to vertical cuts which give definition to the building’s façades and, at the same time, allow for cross ventilation of most of the flats. The buildings culminate at the top with a series of fingers stepped at different heights, which blend the transition between the architectural fabric and the sky. Through rotating the buildings across the site, and the careful use of balconies and façade panelling a combination of self similar towers produce an incredible amount of diversity across the development.

PROGRAM: 7 high-end residential towers and landscape deck

CLIENT: CapitaLand, Singapore

ARCHITECT: Design Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Architects Michele Pasca di Magliano, Viviana Muscettola
Project Manager Charles Walker
Project Team Effie Kuan, Bozana Komljenovic, Sophie Le Bienvenu, Helen Lee, Kelly Lee, Evan Erlebacher, Ludovico Lombardi, Annarita Pape schi, Hoon Lee, Clara Martins, Dominiki Dadatsi, Eleni Pavlido Federico Dunkelberg, Gorka Blas, Loreto Flores, Hee Seung Lee, Feng Lin, Jose M. Monfa, Sandra Riess, Selahattin Tuysuz, Zhong Tian, Ta-Kang Hsu, Emily Chang

CONSULTANTS: M&E Engineering (Concept) Max Fordham, London

Landscape Architect (Concept) GROSSMAX, Edinburgh
Local Architect RSP, Singapore
Structural Engineering Maunsell, Singapore
M&E Engineering BECA, Singapore
Landscape Architect ICN, Singapore
Quantity Surveyor DLS, Singapore

SIZE: Gross Floor Area 220.000 sqm towers + 70.000 sqm basement

Height of towers 150m

Designer : Zaha Hadid Architects via Dezeen

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