Lynx Mobile Crane Concept by Jiri Kubec

Crane vehicles are not new to you, but this one is a unique concept with a lifting capacity of 80 tons. There is a combined cabin for both driver as well as operator at the end of the supporting 2-piece hydraulic folding arm which can reach up to 8.5 meters of height. This concept vehicle can be helpful as the transport vehicle or to the crane operating position as on usual crane. On the first glance, this crane looks like a tank because of its heavy look. Its steering and functions are easily controlled with the help of joystick and pedals, pretty cool crane concept.

lynx mobile crane concept

Outrigger legs are integrated to the warning stripped plates. Front part brings a new simplified system of hook transportation. Partially hidden hook allows better visibility out of the cabin. Rear part of superstructure can be fitted with additional counterweight. Rendered using Photoworks for Solidworks.

lynx mobile crane concept

Auxiliary ladder can be removed from the front part and put anywhere around the platform.

lynx mobile crane concept

lynx mobile crane concept

Designer : Jiri Kubec

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3 thoughts on “Lynx Mobile Crane Concept by Jiri Kubec

  1. Very neat, hope some construction firms take him up on offer.
    Id drive this.
    All in One package.

    Have some Test models for Demo.

    Worldwide test models #1 in Dubai UAE alone.
    #2 Las Vegas NV USA.

    Nice design & functional.

    Looks Std but isnt typical Crane truck

  2. Nadhera … super modelik … dalo by sa mi na mail zaslat najake rendre z roznych stran aby som si tento modelik mohol postavit z lega technic ? .. ak ano vopred dakujem a fakt super praca

  3. The basic design still seems to be similar to any other mobile crane. I guess the only questions here are how much can it carry and how durable is it?

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