Looks Like a Hamster Bike To Me …

This Public Bike system looks like a hamster bike to me. This public bike system is meant to cater the address of problems faced by tourist visiting Berlin. It allows tourists to tour the parks and other tourist destination. This innovative rental bike runs on two wheels which turn independent of each other though the seat holds the wheels in position and the bike is propelled forward by pedals which are used in straight movement. The handles aid in braking and steering and a personal touch has been added by the designer by providing space for luggage. Overall the bike can be termed as a perfect companion for those who wish to explore the city !

anke salomon city bike

anke salomon city bike

Designer : Anke Salomon via TheDesignBlog

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5 thoughts on “Looks Like a Hamster Bike To Me …

  1. Looks awesome, but how do you stop it if you are going fast, or down a hill? Wouldn't you just keep spinning around in circles once the breaking force became enough to move your center of mass to the top of the circle? If you put in a system to limit the breaking force so this doesn't happen, it could cause it to take a very long distance to stop a fast moving bike, and also make it impossible to stop it while going down a hill. Sounds a little dangerous to me:).

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