Revolve Wheel: Pucture-Proof and Foldable Tire of The Future

Designed by Andrea Mocellin, Revolve Wheel aims to revolutionize conventional wheels so that it performs much better and more efficient. Revolve Wheel is a puncture-proof and foldable concept tire, it takes only 60% less space when folded, allowing user to easy keep it at home, in a backpack, or in overhead baggage of an airplane. This is a modular wheel that would open new possibility of futuristic foldable vehicle, its simplicity and compact design makes it unique and highly portable.

Revolve Wheel - Puncture Proof and Foldable Tire

Revolve Wheel - Puncture Proof and Foldable Tire

Our mobility starts with the wheel, it’s a new challenge to create new and more efficient vehicles for everyday life. This invention is hoped to further help creating more practical vehicle. The portability of Revolve Wheel is guaranteed with two handles that lock and unlock when the wheel is unfolded. Every segment has been designed to come together, it guarantees you the same fluidity as a common wheel. This airless tire allows for modular structure like you’ve never seen before, it has unique hexagon structure that offers solid and iconic design, both when open or closed.

Revolve Wheel - Puncture Proof and Foldable Tire

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Revolve Wheel - Puncture Proof and Foldable Tire

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One thought on “Revolve Wheel: Pucture-Proof and Foldable Tire of The Future

  1. Hello, Andrea! I’m from the Philippines & this is a WONDERFUL invention you made! I see a LOT of possible uses for this! But tell me: Can you engineer one that is hubless? That is, a foldable tire that has no spokes for bicycles? You see, I was thinking of combining your folding hubless, spokeless bicycle tires with Gianluca Sada’s collapsible bicycle for the ULTIMATE travel bicycle which you can take aboard ANY other transport, be it a bus, train, ship or plane! Once you get to your destination (or, as an alternative, should your motor vehicle, i.e. bus or car, break down), just simply take out & expand Gianluca Sada’s collapsible bicycle then unfold & attach your folding hubless, spokeless Revolve Wheel bicycle tires & VOILA! You can still keep on going without getting tired much! And if you’re getting tired of biking (or are just plain lazy!), you can simply attach Swytch’s eBike Conversion Kit to convert your Sada collapsible bicycle into an impromptu electric bicycle & keep on going until you reach your destination! In effect, these three systems, when taken all together, will form the ULTIMATE travel bicycle! Well? Interested?

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