Rebel Transportation by Christian Susana

The Rebel is a design study by Snowcat, which is an all-terrain transportation means designed with power and efficiency to provide great functionality. The vehicle has been envisioned with rolling chain instead of conventional wheels, providing the grip that may require to run over the uneven surfaces of rocky mountains or snowy drive track. The driver’s cab is all-side glass-made and has the ability to rotate 180 degree in order to get comprehensive control over the pathway. A red light has been envisioned on the driver’s cab to demonstrate the importance of this vehicle when it is in a rescue mission.

snowcat rebel transportation

snowcat rebel transportation

snowcat rebel transportation

snowcat rebel transportation

Designer : Christian Susana

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2 thoughts on “Rebel Transportation by Christian Susana

  1. Test this for the No Canada, Norway, Sweden & Alaska.

    Must for Polar use & Midwest & NE US alone.

    Like the style.

    Other models:



    Command Post

    Camera vehicle


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