Prizm Smart Music Player Plays Your Music Based on Your Taste or Current Mood

Awarded by CES Innovation Award, Prizm is your new smart music player to complete your Smart Home. It’s a new kind of device that you can plug to any speakers, it identifies who is in the room and what kind of their music preferences are and their current mood to play the perfect music.

Prizm aims to reinvent the way we listen to music at home, simply press the Play button. Music would start automatically based on the tastes of people in the room, it can also identify context such as a romantic dinner, or a nice evening with friends. You don’t need your smartphone or computer to browse what you want to listen, this device would recognize right music for you based on your habits and tastes.

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Prizm Smart Music Player

Prizm Smart Music Player

There’s something more, Prizm is a smart device, it can analyze what’s happening around to recognize present and sense the overall atmosphere to adjust music selection automatically. Intelligence in audio field, something that nobody offers to this day. The algorithm takes advantage of the abundance of streaming platform catalogs, you need to connect it to your speakers (Bluetooth or 3.5mm Jack) to your streaming account, it’ll browse millions of titles to find your favorite music.

This device detects people in the room through their smartphones, I mean, who doesn’t have smartphone nowadays. It can also sense the ambient atmosphere based on the hour, day, and sound volume, it is able to differentiate romantic dinner with loved one or just with friends relaxing. Just in case the song is not your taste, simple press the cross button to skip to the next.

Prizm Smart Music Player

Prizm Smart Music Player

Each time you use Prizm, it learns about you, it memorize your choices in order to play music that you like. It knows whether you prefer to listen to rock in the morning and jazz at night. Even though it’s been designed to work as a standalone device, Prizm can still be controlled using the dedicated app (iOS or Android). That’s why you can control your music via your smartphone.

Prizm Smart Music Player

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