Nulla Minimalist and Stylish Bike Concept

Nulla bike is a minimalist bike concept. Nulla is one way of saying “nothing” in Italian. Bradford Waugh named it that way for lack of central hubs or chain-drive, giving it a very minimal visual weight. “Ditch that fancy car and buy a stylish bicycle”, this is what you are going to say once you have this one with you. With such a clean, simple and sleek look, this bicycle is surely going to change your mind whether to buy a car, or bike or bicycle. This futuristic bicycle provides deep coverage, good appearance and comfort perfect for riding and skating. However, it is not sure whether you will have a safe riding with this kind of seat on a bicycle.

nulla bike concept

nulla bike concept

nulla bike concept

Designer : Bradford Waugh

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41 thoughts on “Nulla Minimalist and Stylish Bike Concept

  1. Problem: torque. Hub and spokes distribute efficiently and evenly. Weird little gear on rim doesn't.

    Result: instability and RAPID component failure. I think the drivetrain would slip before the rim warped, but who am I to say? I'm one of those antedeluvians who think the wheel doesn't need reinventing.

    I think I've seen this thing before….

  2. Very very nice 3D picture. It's easy to create such a 3D concept.

    But more intesting is the production of this bike!

    Michael from in Leipzig/Saxony/Germany.

    • You assume it has gears. If it does, many methods have been used and are currently used to put variable gears on bicycles that do not involve the external chain derailleur and cogset combination.

  3. Lovely form.

    But wouldn't this design mean the rolling friction would be doubled?

    Also, I think that the asymmetric load on a small section of the wheel rim (as opposed to the spokes distributing the load evenly) would require some special materials? Haha! 😉

    It looks really beautiful!

  4. It's pretty obvious the designed of this "bicycle" hasn't actually ever ridden a bike in his life.

    There's a reason the Y-Frame from Trek never really took off:

    They suck to ride. This Nulla bike I can see would be a bouncy, unstable, nightmare. By the materials are invented that would make this even somewhat safe at say, 40 lbs, conventional bikes will be weighing in at 5 pounds.

    It's just stupid. I don't understand why designers don't seem to know anything about the things they design. There is something to be said for safety and comfort and form follows function, deal with it. Might be really cool to have all this futuristic looking crap, but once it's on the market, it's no longer futuristic.

  5. This bicycle will give a wobbly and unsave ride. The wheelbarings will give more friction as on an axle of a regular racing bike wheel. (The asymmetrical forces give a momentforce and magnify the rolling friction. The forque forces on the frame make it a wobbly ride. And the distance between the sadle and the axle of the cranck will vary all the times which makes it a nightmare to ride. And I also think that the same torque forces on the frame will derail the rearwheel. Maybe it is a good idea to buy and read some bicycle books written by mechanical engineers before starting to design.

  6. Hi
    I’m student of industrial design ( in master of art degree) in IUST (Iran university of science and technology).
    your modern bicycle concept is really nice and fantastic.
    could you send me ([email protected]) more information about its wheel system, I want to know more about how it work.
    tanks a lot

  7. This is a design concept. Its purpose is to be thought provoking.

    Who *really* thought this was intended as a final design solution anyways?

  8. Obscure123 made a fine remark. Instead of destroying this INITIAL design, why not help all together to improve it?

    And regular bycycles we use aren't flawless neither!! Nevertheless, we get adapted!

    Regards from Yucatán, Mexico.

  9. Yeah it has flaws. Way to go guys. However this is a serious innovation in terms of theft protection. I’ve seen this and other concept designs that reinvent the way the wheel works with the bike, some of them completely protecting the wheel from removal. I have a 35 year old lime green schwinn bike and I love it. However I live in Chicago and if I want to take it anywhere I have to completely knot it in bike locks or it will get stripped within minutes.

  10. Wheel rigidity is a major issue here. Even if it could hold, it'll be made of a dense & expensive material. The means of holding the rim has a problem where any dust or dirt will clog up the gears and pulleys. I don't believe this is at all a feasible concept. I do however, like the seat. The arm holding it to the frame could be flexible and act as a alternative to the standard heavy suspension of today.

  11. Hello

    I'm student of Anna University ( in master degree) in india
    your modern bicycle concept is really very nice
    can you send me ([email protected]) more pic and information about its wheel system, I want to know more about how it work
    Dhanapal M.TECH Anna University

  12. well i too am very much puzzled with the wheel system. i would glad if sent more picture reviews and how the wheel and the chain absence mechanism works

  13. Hi I often talk about this futuristic wheel concept. I read about it in the late 80' s. The wheel tire has 0 friction. What a go take off. It was to be applicated to the super cars. Im waiting for it. I will go for the bike allso. An the motorcycle too.

    Derek Love

  14. I really Love to have this bike but i 'm unable Financially. Please can Someone send $1000 this week to enable me buy this bike ???
    God Bless

  15. Lol, try going through bit of mud on it. A normal bike chain is well above the mud, which pushes out through the chain holes anyway if the chain does gets muddy.

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