Elliptigo Glide Bike

The “Elliptigo” is the new concept in bicycle designs that combines best aspects of running and cycling in the process creating a fun and effective outdoor exercise device. The overall device is quite innovative and different from the conventional bicycles that we have been used to. The user is in standing position and the pedaling motion is elliptical which is like running without affecting the body. It strengthens bones and muscles and is comfortable and safer compared to sitting and riding the bicycle. Unlike other bike designs, this bike is actually closer to reality. The device has eight different gears which enable a top speed of 25 miles an hour. So if you are in a mood to explore, go cycling!

elliptigo bike

elliptigo bike

elliptigo bike

Designer : ElliptiGo

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6 thoughts on “Elliptigo Glide Bike

  1. The topspeed is the result of the power capacity of the cyclist and has notting to do with the bicycle design. As well on my regular bike as also on my recumbent I can reach also 25 mph top speed. But because of reasons of aerodynamics I can maintain a higher average speed on my recumbent than on my regular bike. Less drag means more speed with the same human power. To me this bicycle has the same walking motion as climbing the stairs and that is absolutely good exercise. I think this bicycle is much less energy efficient as a regular bike in particular compared to a recumbent. And I also disagree with the statement that this bicycle should be saver then a regular bicycle as an other of fact I don’t think that this bike is save at all in a city area. But for instance in a park area it is good exercise and good fun.

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