BMW ZX-6 Futuristic Car Concept

BMW ZX-6 car concept came from the 3rd year students of Transportation Design School at Turin Based IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) for final project of Transportation Design (Designing the BMW of 2015) which is designed in partnership with BMW. The concept is focused keeping in mind the modern needs, tastes and life style of an individual. All the cars designed in this project looks like toy cars. You cannot even imagine them running on roads in the real life. There are different concepts of cars designed by the students and all of them are unbelievable in their design and concept. Check out the one that steals our attention, BMW ZX-6 car concept.

bmw zx-6 futuristic car concept

bmw zx-6 futuristic car concept

Designer : Jai Ho Yoo and Lukas Vanek via CarBodyDesign

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28 thoughts on “BMW ZX-6 Futuristic Car Concept

  1. how do yall come up with these furturistic ideas i mean this is crazy i cant wait to buy one. those things are crazy my favorites is the bmw futuristic car concept and the bike on the back that is crazy beutiful but this is my fav keep doin watch you doin bb out

  2. you can hit me with this car any day. i love it. especially how the seats are part of the doors. completely brilliant. i want one… in black

  3. This Id drive, but Tuvie has shown other Radical designs as well.
    My Mental Garage is FULL.
    This X6 Takes the cake Big time
    Come on BMW ,Build this.
    Be very Cool.

    Biofuel engine, EV, Hybrid.
    People Pod, alone.

    Carry 4,8 persons.

    Yoke joystick control mode.

    Go BMW.

  4. I love it. Really love the chair/door design, very original. BMW better bring this out or they are missing out on it big time. May be pedestrian friendly but when it goes over a speed bump they front and rear fins aren't going to cope very well. I love the full roof window as it will give the car a real sense of space.

  5. they may look uncomfortable but you don't have to worry about opening the door when the seats come out with it and you just have to press a button!!!!!!

  6. Those are called suicide doors, they've been around forever and the idea for the seat in the door was in the remake of Total Recall in 2012.
    Incline wheels can be found any weekend on any strip in Miami.
    The wedge shape over all is cool. Standard though.
    But I LOVE the way they brought all of these influences together.

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