KTM CX Racing Vehicle Concept Brings Moto-X Spirit To The Water

The KTM CX concept symbolizes the sheer advancement of technology which has been successfully employed to create this racing vehicle. This piece of locomotive device sports a junk but stylish looks. The body frame features a classic combination of shining black and icy silver. These two colors are teamed with hint of bright orange that enhances the overall look noticeably. The theory of surface tension is deployed in this vehicle so that it can provide uninterrupted motion even on the water surface. While passing through the water, the vehicle will emerge itself in the water and act like the smooth surfboards.

ktm cx racing vehicle

ktm cx racing vehicle

Designer : Christof Lahner and Miroslaw Leczek

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6 thoughts on “KTM CX Racing Vehicle Concept Brings Moto-X Spirit To The Water

  1. i think personally the seat being under the pipe of the exhaust is not a good idea because it might heat up and more importantly the seat is too close to the handle to be able to have full control over it. Also the seat should be extended to have more passengers and confer table feeling to it.

  2. the over all product looks good but a few questions have to be asked.
    1. has anything been thought of in the way of the exhaust pipe and protecting it from the roosted water entering it?
    2.how are you planning on keeping it ontop of the water when stationary cosidering there seams to be no flotation devices on the rear track?
    3. what will the motor be made of ass conventional steal will be too heavy and titanium wont be cost efective?

  3. this is actually a computer rendering of a prototype snowmobile built in British Columbia, Canada. ktm is for some unknown reason posting this picture as a watercraft. there is a patent of some sort on this snowmobile, so i dont know what ktm is trying to accomplish

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