Hand Mixer Design Proposal for Mason Cash in Pastel Colors

Mason Cash is a small bakeware company located in the UK. Since they’ve been around for two hundred years, their style is very classic and traditional, and appeals to both amateur and avid bakers. They sell various dishes and pans, but are best known for their mixing bowls. Currently, the company sells nothing electronic, so this hand mixer will help push them into the 21st century and appeal to a larger audience.

Since they are so well known for their mixing bowls, this would go alongside it and be marketed together. This design is part of their Bake My Day collection. It is emulated through the zig zag pattern on the bottom edge and a simple, classic form. It comes in 3 different colors: blue, yellow, and pink.

Designer : Liz Waters

Mason Cash Hand Mixer by Liz Waters

Mason Cash Hand Mixer by Liz Waters

Made with ABS plastic, it will be injection molded with parting lines down the middle of the body and perpendicularly along the handle. Vents in the front and back help cool down the motor, and the beaters are ejected through the button at the front. At 220-wattage with 6 different speeds, this mixer will help tackle whatever project lays before you.

Mason Cash Hand Mixer by Liz Waters

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