Ramesses Concept Cafe Racer by Mladen Horvat

Submitted by Mladen Horvat, Ramesses is a concept modern café racer with V-twin engine.

My name is Mladen Horvat. I am a graduated fine artist with a master degree. I work at the Polytechnic High School, Subotica, Serbia, where I teach art drawing, history of art and theory of form. Recently, I do design. I’m sending you my recent work. It’s the design of so-called cafe racer motorcycle. I was inspired by the Art Deco epoch and ancient Egypt. The basis of my design is a v-2 engine around which I built the rest. I wanted to achieve a seamless, elegant, and slender, visually lighter form. This motorcycle has modern technical solutions, but retains its retro look.

I am particularly pleased with the design of the rear of the frame where the supporting elements are connected in one sphere. Engine is associated with the frame at four points. I used the texture of steel, brass, aluminum, chrome and plastic combined with glossy painted surfaces and natural leather. I did two versions: classic and racing. Aldo I know the theory of form, I worked intuitively. At the end when I finished it was all there: the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, circles, ellipses, lines that converge at infinity.

Designer : Mladen Horvat

Ramesses Concept Motorcycle by Mladen Horvat

Ramesses Concept Motorcycle by Mladen Horvat

Ramesses Concept Motorcycle by Mladen Horvat

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