Grovemade Modern Wood Watches Made From Domestic Hardwoods

Grovemade wood watches offers beautiful handcrafted watches made from domestic hardwoods. It offers a cutting-edge take on traditional timepiece. These watches were born in collaboration with Stefan Andren, you get to observe time in more natural essence with modern touch, the circular hands move behind iconic wooden face. The stainless steel casing is completed with vegetable-tanned leather or silicone strap.

This project has been staying on the drawing board for so long, and finally the company will bring to fruition, it’s pretty exciting. Each watch utilizes properties of each individual material to their utmost potential, it is hand sanded and oiled for Grovemade’s signature finish. It’s available in round or square, in Eastern Hardrock Maple or Oregon Claro Walnut.

From : Grovemade

Grovemade Wood Watches

Grovemade Wood Watches

Grovemade Wood Watches

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