FleXSpace Treadmill Features Open Space Geometries Design

FleXSpace is a pioneering treadmill, which expresses a sublime new generation design, with bilateral display and front opening. The essence of the “open space geometries”, inspired of sense of fluid freedom and a health psychovisual without barriers, during the run.

FLEXSpace is also characterized by an evolved electromechanical system with variable geometry, through 4-electrohydraulic piston with spherical joints, which allow to tilt the frame longitudinally and transversely (differing for this, by similar solutions). This system allows you to simulate the conditions of a road surface not perfectly flat, for a real run experience and an involvement in the training of the muscles of the body in torsion on the inclined carpet.

Designer : Joe Sardo

FleXSpace Treadmill by Joe Sardo

FleXSpace Treadmill by Joe Sardo

FleXSpace Treadmill by Joe Sardo

Tuvie has received “FleXSpace Treadmill” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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