sunLight, a Scaleable Gadget that Generates Power from Solar Energy

The unique product called sunLight is a concept that utilizes the natural energy both for its usage and storage. It is one unit that has all the aspects in one device like generating, storing and consuming the electrical energy. The device designed for a long lifecycle with the same components and no replacement of spares, and even if, there is a need for replacement of spares due to any malfunction, the same can be done without much of an effort and cost. Thus it’s not just environment friendly but quite cost effective as well. All that sunLight needs to work is solar energy – you simply unfold it so that solar cell film is exposed to the sun and the energy will recharge the batteries. Received power can be used in different ways, as a flashlight or for loading up connected gadgets (mobile phones or music players, for example).

sunlight by hermann eske

sunlight by hermann eske

sunLight is scaleable. The standard configuration embeds 6 modules, each of which consists of an LED unit and 2 AAAA rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, one of modules holds a charge controller. For more or less luminance/capacity, the size of solar cell film and with it the number of LED-battery modules can be varied proportionally. A low number of components reduces the production costs; production of different sizes requires just one new tool for the base material. Except for the batteries, all parts could be made of recyclable polymers.

sunlight by hermann eske

Designer : Hermann Eske via GreenerGadgets Competition

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3 thoughts on “sunLight, a Scaleable Gadget that Generates Power from Solar Energy

  1. This I can see


    Emergency Rescue



    Temp Home solar

    Charge auto battery?

    Rescue signal device?

    Charge celphone?

    Very usable.

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