Navit Rental Service of Drones for Large Entertainment Facilities

Drones are getting more popular by days, they are cool UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that we can use your entertainment purposes. Navit is a conceptual rental service of drones for entertainment facilities such as the zoo or an amusement park. The dispenser machine is filled with little drones, you can put a coin in the machine and turn the handle, it will dispense a rental drone that you can use for one day. There are 2 main functions of Navit, first, the navigation function where you can enter a destination using voice control system. Secondly, the camera function. In collaboration with special smartphone app, you can remote-control the drone to take pictures everywhere it goes.

Designer : Gisuke Tokuyama

Navit Rental Service of Drones by Gisuke Tokuyama

Navit Rental Service of Drones by Gisuke Tokuyama

Every large facility such as amusement park or the zoo, they always hand you a map. However, it’s not going to be easy to understand the map at first glance, not to mention those small letters and signs making the map even harder to read. This 1 day rental navigation drone tries to reduce such struggle, simply use the drone to help you navigate around the park, you can enter your destination and follow the drone. You can also take photos using the companied smartphone app, it’s easy to take photos of animals or crowds like never before, even take selfies with your friends. When the time is up, the drone would return to the dispenser machine automatically. It’s a project aims to make recreation in large facilities more comfortable and fun.

Navit Rental Service of Drones by Gisuke Tokuyama

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