Modern Design of Fire Extinguisher by Peter Arnell

One of the best innovations that have been done by human is the fire extinguisher, which of course has over the years saved millions of accidents and lives alike. The only drawback that one sees with this is that design wise it looks more like a storage container and many a times is hidden from public view. The new fire extinguisher design by HomeHero designed by Peter Arnel has simply upped the overall design of the fire extinguisher. With sheer size of 16inches it can be kept anywhere in the room with easy access and one can control the fire at the earliest. It’s a nice thought for one of the basic security feature.

home hero fire extinguisher

Designer : Peter Arnell

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2 thoughts on “Modern Design of Fire Extinguisher by Peter Arnell

  1. Very interesting handle design, though it doesn’t look very ergonomic, and I can’t tell from the single image (only one?!) where the actuator is for triggering the retardant. Two other quick comments: [1] it *must* be bright fire-engine red, definitely, and it needs to have a proper wall-mounting (I hope you designed that too!), and [2] there must be a pressure gauge clearly visible to indicate whether the unit is fully charged (sufficient pressure to work when you need it) or needs to be recharged or replaced If you want to provide something “modern” then reduce the old needle-gauge with some green and red LEDs (put a tiny solar panel on it that delivers a trickle charge to the battery even with ambient photons, and save battery charge by pressure-testing only once daily, and the unit should last years) and add an audible alarm for when pressure has tested low for, e.g. 7 days running (ask around to determine the “safe window” of time before the unit must (by fire regulations) be re-placed/-charged. It’s GOT to be red, though… (but you knew thaaaat, right?!)

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