ENV Bike : Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle by Seymourpowell

ENV Bike is the world’s first purpose built hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle designed for Intelligent Energy, an international power systems company. It answers the needs of lightweight, minimalist, eco friendly, and easy to use transportation for the future without sacrificing the visual design. Seymourpowell conducted product research for powered two-wheeler vehicles that showed the majority of users wanted something lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to use. Further research revealed that new automotive design should look and feel elegant and simple, instead of complicated. Challenged by Intelligent Energy to design a compelling application of the cell’s power that could engage mass-market customers, Seymourpowell responded by designing a future motorcycle with sleek and elegant body that emits nothing but pure water vapour.

Designer : Seymourpowell

ENV Bike

ENV Bike

ENV Bike

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3 thoughts on “ENV Bike : Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle by Seymourpowell

  1. The trouble with concept vehicles like this is that they seem to remain a concept. I mean what is the point of putting in so much developement if actually getting such desirable means of transportation to the public hasn't had the homework done in equal measure. A vehicle like this requires replensishing stations in place and perhaps deals done with motorcyle retail or indeed large bicycle retailers to sell the concept of a gas-fuelled vehicle. In the UK for example I'd present this vehicle to say Halfords and perhaps also present the concept of having fuel stations at their larger outlets, thus they'd benefit from gaining some commission from not only the sales of the vehicles but also from fuel sales, not only for this particular vehicle but from other fuel-cell vehicles that became available. Being such a green development it'd be nice too if there was a government incentive to seal such a deal and ensure a level of viability and availability.
    I personally feel the vehicle looks quite futuristic and if it came with hands free comms, bluetooth connectivity, led lighting, its own phone app and owners internet support site it really would be ahead of the game.
    Some may argue that this is little more than a suspension bicycle, minus pedals, with an electric motor deriving its energy for that electric motor in an as-yet exotic way but given the inevitable rise and rise of oil prices and the environmental issue I commend the developers for at least trying to bring us the next gen, shame there isn't more backing seeming to be given and the prospect of never seeing one truly being available for purchase.

  2. This technology is useless as it will never be available to the public
    It makes too much sense and saves the consumer so much in the
    long run that governments will never allow it because they are not
    for the people but for ligning their own pockets so unless they can
    make it break down regular and cost a fortune you just wont see this
    rolling down the street anytime soon, it has been around for years already
    so why dont I have one in my garage by now

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