4NE1 Roller Coaster Style Transportation Seat by Christopher Simmons

Designed by Christopher Simmons, this 4NE1 is an innovation design in transportation seat for the future. Christopher Simmons, a student from Monash University was trying to create a vehicle seat this can be enjoy by elders, adults, kids and even physically impaired, that was when 4NE1 roller coaster style seat born.

This system is completely innovative and takes a whole new look at how we perceive space within a vehicle. Concerns have been raised about structural strength within the roof , but with structural reinforcement at little added cost – there is no reason why a roof cannot support the 24G crash impact requirements.

Importantly, in being firmly suspended from a roof, each chair has excellent properties for impact absorption in frontal and rear impact collisions and is further supported by an anti-whiplash? back rest that comes forward upon impact. The products seat base can raise and lower with it?s own back depending on desired use.

4ne1 future vehicle seat

A flexible seating system with primary design focus on the elderly, physically impaired and is also wheelchair compatible. The system is suspended from a roof and may be temporarily stored away on the roof ceiling, or removed completely from the vehicle to maximize space or for maintenance purposes.

4ne1 future vehicle seat by christopher simmons

4ne1 future vehicle seat

Love the idea, this roller coaster style seat might not be available soon, but it does add futuristic style for cars. I wont’ be surprise to see 4NE1 next in the car design concept. One thing to ask to Christopher is the size of this seat, I mean some people can be really really big, if that’s the case, do they still fit into this seat ?

Designer : Christopher Simmons

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