Corrina Three Wheels Car Concept

With maximum comfort and less road space being the motto of the day, designer Marco Bevilacqua has come up with a new concept Corrina, which is a three wheels car. The car is based on Ape Piaggio chassis with the main frame being made of steel pipes while the bodywork is in ABS. It’s a 2 door model where the driver and the passenger enter from the same door. The driver seat is an orating one thus giving easy access to the driver while entering and alighting from the seat. That’s not all as the seats in the back also have comfortable seating for two people, so just zip through the roads.

corrina three wheels car

Designer : Marco Bevilacqua

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6 thoughts on “Corrina Three Wheels Car Concept

  1. Hi
    my name is mr. k. i am very intrested in your three wheel taxi car that you have design, as i am generating a new business plan, is it possible for you to give me more details about the three wheel taxi car, how long it will take to make, what make and model, is it low emission to use in UK and the price. contact detail .
    Thank you

  2. Hi there

    Please send me more information regarding cardinal three wheel car concept and the price involved. Very keen.

    Peter Mothokwa
    Ivory pot retail and tourism enterprise

  3. Hi there,
    Iam keen in your corrina 3 wheels car posted on your website. Could you please send me more information and the price involved.


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