Cloud Transport Through The Sky Project Challenges Students to Give Out-of-the-box Solutions for Water Scarcity Issues

From 30 November – 11 December 2015, during the COP21 in Paris, a unique international Wetskills Water Challenge will be launched at Centre for Environment Education Ahmedabad, India. It is part of a challenge tour around the world: ‘How to relieve water shortages by transporting clouds through the sky?’ With this question, students and young water professionals are inspired to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for water challenges in a rapidly changing world. The question is based on a concept of Dutch climate artist Ap Verheggen.

Internationally renowned climate artist Ap Verheggen, who was inspired by water related subjects, came up with this challenge. He explains: “We never investigated this option, simply because it sounds impossible. The impact of water shortages is growing though, which proves that current technology and ideas aren’t sufficient to cope with the growing water crisis. We have to extend our options by finding solutions behind the artificial horizon, that we created by ourselves. Wetskills gives students the opportunity to think in creative ways for a solution that seems science-fiction. We force them to think beyond our present limitations, and explore a new world. “When traveling to the moon we learned a lot about earth itself”. With this voyage of discovery we stimulate the students to open new doors in their minds to find a solution for a question that seems impossible.”

Designer : Ap Verheggen

Cloud Transport Through The Sky Project by Ap Verheggen

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