Citroen C-Design Competition 2008 Winners

The Winner of Citroen C-Design Competition is Ognyan Bozhilov from Bulgaria with his Citroen Sledge Design. Citroen C-Design Competition objectives is to design an object intended for everyday use using Citroen vehicle parts. The genius Ognyan Bozhilov has created stylish snow sled consisting of C4 Picasso’s rear seat, C3 steering wheel, C3 Pluriel’s roof pillars and the spoiler from a C4 Coupe.

See the other winners below …

citroen sledge by ognyan bozhilov

Citroen Sledge by Ognyan Bozhilov

citroen c zero by francesco castiglioine morelli

Citroen C Zero by Francesco Castiglioine Morelli

citroen aileron stair by jose luis gomez vaiz

Citroen Aileron Stair by Jose Luis Gomez Vaiz

citroen drain by roland kaufmann

Citroen Drain by Roland Kaufmann

citroen handle phone by giulio baiocco

Citroen Handle Phone by Giulio Baiocco

citroen c pare by valerio stramaccioni

Citroen C Pare by Valerio Stramaccioni

citroen la citronette by gp design partners

Citroen La Citronette by GP Design Partners

citroen touch me by stefano arduini

Citroen Touch Me by Stefano Arduini

citroen fw-2.0 by Oriol Barri

Citroen FW-2.0 by Oriol Barri

Source : Citroen via WorldCarFans

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