Hansol Paeng Redesigned Urine Collection Bag

This urine collection bag is being considered as a unique addition with latest medical equipments industry. Hansol Paeng , a korean designer, has tried to eliminate the trend of creating medical equipments with maximum efficiency without considering the appearance issue by designing this urine collecting bag. This object is designed in a more human-centered manner, hiding the discomfiture of the patients which was overlooked for efficiency purpose. Additionally, this design has been simplified to the level possible for ensuring the ease of use. With this bag, taking readings of the quantity of urine has become easier than ever.

urine collection bag

urine collection bag

urine collection bag

urine collection bag

Designer : Hansol Paeng

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One thought on “Hansol Paeng Redesigned Urine Collection Bag

  1. Yes, greatly redesigned this urine collection bag and I think this redesigned bags are very much easy to carry on. So really fantastic work it is and need to appreciate for this awesome work. Carry on…

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