Papyrus, Electronic Reader That Will Replace Your Text Book

Soon, textbook will be just an old school tools, Papyrus will come and replace them all. The idea of Papyrus is based on growing popularity of communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc, students are more connected than ever these days. Papyrus is an inexpensive e-reader which is designed to allow on screen note taking with a stylus, as well as tagging the content. Students will be able to share these tags and discuss it among them.

papyrus electronic reader

One of the most important details about Papyrus is how it is so different from a traditional style tablet PC or PDA. First, the unit is far less expensive at around $100. With a combination of a removal of audio, high-end graphics card, Ethernet port, and a textbook publisher/manufacturer subsidy (due to the subscription based service now that they have no overhead costs of shipping/storage/most manufacturing costs since their books are now digital) the cost is quite reasonable. Second, the device has a much longer battery life (around 30 hours) from using an E-Ink screen. Third, Papyrus’ stripped-down, specialized interface makes it accessible to a broad range of users. It’s simple enough that faculty and other adults won’t be intimidated or annoyed, yet functional enough that students will feel like they’re using something current.

papyrus electronic reader concept

Papyrus can also help student to tackle their fear of drawing attention to themselves. This device will place the students in a familiar environment, giving them a safe and familiar venue to speak out without unwanted attention. And great thing is, Papyrus cost less that textbooks, and also eliminating manufacturing and shipping costs and passing the savings on the students.

papyrus future electronic reader

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