Anthouse Pet Companion Robot Helps You to Interact with Your Pet Wherever You Are

It’s not a robot dog, it’s a robot for your dog. Anthouse Pet Companion Robot would take photos, play fetch, give treats, record video, and help you talk to your pet/dog. Pet lovers, this robot would change the way you interact with your pet. It’s a smart, app-controlled robot that allows you to connect with your beloved pets no matter the location, it is loaded with awesome features to solve difficulties between human best companion and his/her dedicated caregivers. Pets can get lonely when you are away, this robot helps to bridge the distance, keeping you and dog/cat close wherever you are.

Since Anthouse is a smart-app controlled robot, you can easily control it to operate several functions through your smart phone, from speed control, video recording, treat dispensing, and many more. See your dog in real-time, you can also interact with it thanks to the walkie-talkie mode.

Anthouse Pet Companion Robot

Anthouse Pet Companion Robot

Capture priceless moments when you are not around, you can save those photos on your phone and share with friends on social media. The robot can move very slow or very fast, trying to keep up with your pet movement. You can take your dog out and play fetch, there’s a mini-tennis ball launcher feature in this robot, pretty cool heh?

When it’s time for treats, Anthouse Pet Companion Robot can be remotely controlled to dispense the treats, you can set the amount of servings from small, medium, to large size servings. The smart infrared sensor would detect any nearby object so that the system can redirect this robot to avoid collision.

Anthouse Pet Companion Robot

More images of Anthouse Pet Companion Robot:
Anthouse Pet Companion RobotAnthouse Pet Companion RobotAnthouse Pet Companion RobotAnthouse Pet Companion RobotAnthouse Pet Companion RobotAnthouse Pet Companion RobotAnthouse Pet Companion Robot

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