Moonlight Laptop Concept with Dual Curved Screens

Moonlight laptop is just a concept yet but it is possible to make it today since all the technologies are already exists. The uniqueness of this concept design is the duel curved screens, bigger one of 16:9 and other one with 4:3, which reduces eye stress by maintaining an average distance from the eye to the laptop screen. The lower display is a touch screen and can work as a mouse or run a mini OS in the background, or just as an annex of the bigger one. The frame is sensor controlled and lights up in dark and has a pair of long legs to lifting the laptop and proper placing of the keyboard.

moonlight laptop concept

moonlight laptop concept

moonlight laptop concept

moonlight laptop concept

moonlight laptop concept

Designer : Teo Braun

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7 thoughts on “Moonlight Laptop Concept with Dual Curved Screens

  1. Original specs as is, and should be:

    – curved design (radius of curvature is the average distance from the normal laptop screen so it reduces eye stress)

    – two screens (both curved) – the big one is 16:9 and the lower one makes them both together 4:3

    – lower screen is a touch screen, could act as a mouse or as a mini OS running in the background, or just as a extension of the big screen

    – the frame lights up in the dark (sensor controlled) reducing eye stress, and looks cool (thus the name was formed)

    – has long legs (because of the curvature) lifting the laptop and placing the keyboard in a ergonomic position

    – when closed and put in a backpack, ergonomically fits your back

  2. I'm doing a school project on you Moonlight Laptop. Could you tell me when you designed it and what contest did you enter? Has it been patented? When will it be available for purchase? Where was it invented? What materials were used to build it? How much does it weight?

  3. Actually I know the designer and althought all reviews state that the bigger screen is 16:9 an the smaller 4:3 that is incorrect.The bigger screen is in fact 16:9 but combined with smaller,together they make 4:3 screen.

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