Waterlogic 4 Gives 100% Purified Water Guaranteed in Every Cup

Waterlogic 4 is an ultimate water dispenser combining the leading edge technologies and stunning design. You will be able to purify ambient, cold and sparkling water through this unique, innovative and completely unprecedented design. Waterlogic commands such value because every since the primary Point of Use machines, the innovation of waterlogic has helped to form the evolution of the latest water dispenser. This is easy to use water purifier is claimed to be the future of drinking water. The Waterlogic International is the foremost global manufacturer and distributor of highe quality water dispensing and purifying systems.



The Waterlogic signature approach to refreshment purity takes three stages; Filtration, UV purification and BioCote™ antimicrobial protection. The Waterlogic 4 breaks new ground in that all cold, sparkling and ambient water has the maximum (class A) UV treatment giving a 100% pure water guarantee in every cup.



Designer : Thomas Hentges

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2 thoughts on “Waterlogic 4 Gives 100% Purified Water Guaranteed in Every Cup

  1. I actually returned mine. I really didn’t think the filter worked that great. Instead, I bought the avalon a9. I think it is a much better water machine

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