TheoryBoard – MIDI Controller Hack for Music Theory

TheoryBoard is a revolutionary MIDI controller from Irijule. It’s a new instrument that aims to help seasoned musicians conceptualize music theory while at the same time, it also helps to assist a complete beginner. Music theory can be intimidating the first time you get into production, there are a lot of people get discouraged by the amount of information they need to understand to start playing. This electronic instrument wants to become a bridge to so many people to access harmonies of music to express themselves. [Pre-Order]

TheoryBoard Music Theory MIDI Controller by Irijule

TheoryBoard Music Theory MIDI Controller by Irijule

TheoryBoard from Irijule is an easy to use MIDI controller that can be routed into VST, DAW, or piece of hardware. You can use it on a Mac or in Ableton, FL Studio on Windows, or just route it into a modular synthesizer. This kind of versatility is rarely found in the MIDI controller, most companies would lock you into using hardware that they supply. TheoryBoard allows you to work with multiple platforms, taking away that limitation. Keep your creative juice flowing, TheorBoard is split into two sections where the “Melody Side” loads four octaves of single notes within the scale while the “Chord Side” loads every correct chord.

Since color is used to express correlations between two sides, this visual reference points offer an additional layer of perception for the user. The company explains this mechanism as seeing what you play, a synesthetic experience. [Pre-Order]

TheoryBoard Music Theory MIDI Controller by Irijule

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