12M Houseboat Features Excellent Living Environment on the Sea

The 12M houseboat concept has been innovatively designed with the logic of a catamaran, aiming to give the usual houseboat a non-conventional look with great functionalities. Both the outer appearance and interior arrangements of the boat has pure touch of precision to make it more alluring and appreciative. The wide open roof of the boat features the driver’s port and comprises enough space on both the front and rear end to make it an enjoyable experience onboard. The kitchen comprises a dishwasher, 2 refrigerators and a washing machine under the counter. The design can house 4 people to live conveniently and offers excellent opportunity to the boarders to visit different bays with the ease at home.

12m houseboat

12m houseboat

12m houseboat

12m houseboat

12m houseboat

12m houseboat

12m houseboat

12m houseboat

Information from the Designers:

Building materials: aluminum or steel
Waterline (flota): 11.90m
Draft of: 0.48m
Motor: 2x40bg-..bg
Fresh water: 1.500lt
Fuel: 400lt
Range: 600nm
Loa: 12.00m
Width: 6.00m
Weight: 5.4 ton
Generator: 8 kw
Sewage: 1.500lt
Speed: 12knot
Capacity: 6 people

Designer : Hakan Erem, Mert Erisek and Özge Macit

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11 thoughts on “12M Houseboat Features Excellent Living Environment on the Sea

  1. Markets for:

    Hawaii, Lake Havasu AZ, Lake Tahoe CA,

    Big Bear Lake CA, Caribbean, Lake Piru,

    Great Lakes, MS River, MS River Delta, Sacramento River CA, Finger Lakes NY.

    Produce this vs those box house boats.

  2. Interior design seems very funcional and appropriate to live comfortably. But i can't say same things for shipmaster and exterior design. As far as i am concerned, she should be improved in accordance with green energy tech as well.

  3. Very very bad exterior design. She could have been designed much more attractive and funcional. So she's VERY BAD ext. design to buy, sorry.

  4. Actually from a visual point of view I love it. Whether or not it functions as a real abode I do not know but I would not say no to living on it! Simple clean and peaceful

  5. I would have thought that the whole design is at early concept stage. The exterior just an idea for your iminagination to complete .. Note there are also no suggestions on interior finishes ..

    The interior plan .. brilliant !! Simple effective .. all you need !

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