Kuote Optical Recognition and Wireless Network Technology

If you happen to read something interesting in books, magazines, or newspapers, it would be difficult to share, unless you own Kuote. This little gadget provides optical recognition and wireless network technology to provide you the advantages of digital media from the inconvenience of printed material. It was inspired by the idea of combining physical books and the internet organically, Kuote allows you to share, index and mine any information easily to help you master new knowledge.

Kuote is controlled by natural gestures and intuitive actions, place this device, the transparent glass on any surface that has text on it. The micro lens with embedded camera will reflect the image beneath and its OCR (optical character recognition) technology detects each character and transforms it into digital text format. The hole at the end allows your finger to easily move the cursor, select the text and drag with your finger, it will be highlighted as if you were using a marker. Simply tweet or facebook message the text so share with others.

Designers : Xu Tao, Wang Junfeng, Christina Yang and Gong Yanyan

Kuote Optical Recognition and Wireless Network Technology

Kuote Optical Recognition and Wireless Network Technology

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