Arc One Electric Boat Is Designed and Developed by a Team of Former Rocket Engineers

No engine noise, no rusty engine parts, Arc One is an almost maintenance-free electric boat with powerful motor to provide you with a thrilling ride. You can spend time riding your boat instead of busy maintaining it, the electric powertrain leaves no pollution, leaving nothing behind but a wake. It’s a smart boat that delivers connected boating experience, and with over-the-air updates, it’ll only get better with age.

No more worry about rusty engine parts or tiresome winterization, this boat is designed and developed by a team of former rocket engineers. It features cutting edge technology and engineering, combined with custom battery pack to provide you with unprecedented stability, range, and speed.

Arc One Electric Boat

Arc One Boat features lightweight hull that combines marine-grade aluminum and aerospace manufacturing techniques, resulting in strong yet lightweight structure that enables superior range. Its dual battery packs provide you with a full day on the water, no recharge needed. Enjoy a quiet ride and a peace of mind with an electric motor, you can even hear the sound of the open water without interruption.

Arc One Electric Boat

Arc One Electric Boat

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