Ozone Hydrogen Powered Car with 2 Giant Wheels

The new concept vehicle called ‘Ozone’ seems to revolutionize the way we commute. The vehicle works on hydrogen powered fuel cells and looks futuristic in every way possible. Also the thought and the concept seems to be fine, however the structure might make you feel uncomfortable in your seats. The body is encased between two giant wheels controlled by separate motors which are powered by fuel cells, though this two seater looks more like a design picked straight out of fantasy due to its semi transparent glass casing and controlled by joystick. The huge glass doors slide 360 degree into the symmetric metal body. It sure is one cool futuristic concept.

ozone hydrogen powered concept car

ozone hydrogen powered concept car

Designer : Ozone via TheDesignBlog

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9 thoughts on “Ozone Hydrogen Powered Car with 2 Giant Wheels

  1. i guess it looks like Peugeot Moovie, (see the third edition of the contest)=P

    It's a good idea, but i think Andre Costa had a similar idea before you!

    • With a bing BANG. Hydrogen is very explosive, especilly when excposed ot high amounts of heat and pressure.

    • Why must you use the word "Gay" to describe something you don't like, oh yes because you're a teen who has probably only begun into puberty. (P.S. on the chance that humanity has failed which it has just Grow up)

  2. good idea…. looks a bit uncomfortable, but looks fun to ride in! 😛

    (ps: uh-oh if one wheel cell dies before the other)

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